Writer’s FAQ

Greetings fellow purveyors of good news!

Thank you for joining this melting pot of fabulous individuals who bring to our doorsteps the stories about the “good people, good places and good things happening” throughout our communities. We appreciate the physical, mental and emotional time and energy you put forth when sharing your craft with our readers.

While we are growing as we go, please take note of the following FAQ in hopes of clearing up any questions you may have. Then, fill out the “Who Are You?” form so we can better match story ideas with your interests and styles. Oh, and don’t forget to submit a high res. photo so people can place a face with a name, as we are all wont to do!


Q: How should I submit my article and/or photos?
A: When you receive your assignment, you will be “invited” to share a folder in Dropbox which will say “From Writer to Editor.” Click on the following sequence of folders: Dropbox to publication name to issue date to your article topic.

Q: What happens if I need extra time to submit my assigned piece?
A: Oftentimes, we have some “wiggle room” built into the schedule, but it is best not to count on that. It is imperative that you let your contact (either an editor or admin. assistant) know as soon as possible what your new deadline date is to make sure we can still accept your piece for the issue in question. If the topic is not time-sensitive, we can often hold onto it to publish in a future issue. We will only pay for articles that we publish.

Q: May I come up with my own story ideas?
A: Yes! We encourage your ideas and creative input. Review our Editorial Guidelines for more information.

Q: Will I get paid for my article? Photos?
A: Yes, generally speaking. See our Editorial Compensation sheet for more details. We love bartering! Many writers choose to run an ad in one of our papers for their business or services in lieu of cash payment. We typically stick to dollar for dollar trade values. We do not pay for photos unless the piece submitted is a photo essay. In those cases, we agree upon an up-front price.

Q:What format should my article use? Photos?
Articles should be saved as an MSWord document or in a RTF (rich text format). Photos must be saved as a high resolution (300-600 dpi) JPG or other common image format.

Q: How long should my article be?
A: Article length depends on the topic’s category. Typically we run pieces from 250 words to 1500 words. See our Editorial Guidelines sheet for more information.

Q: May I use my work in other publications or media outlets?
A: This is a sticky subject and will often require a conversation with an editor or publisher. While we are all about sharing and spreading good news, we also like to maintain our unique identity and our positive-message-content is what sets us apart from other media. This will best be sorted out on a case-by-case basis.

Q: What is the overall tone you prefer?
A: Our tagline is, “good people, good places and good things happening.” What makes our publications so well-loved and successful from the get-go is that we capture the true essence of our subjects. We pride ourselves on connecting on an emotional level with the people we feature and then translating those emotions into a compelling story that reaches our readers at their emotional level.

Q: May I submit fact-based sidebars to accompany my article? If so, how shall I cite my sources?
A: Work with your contact to determine if it will be in keeping with the tone and intention of your assigned piece, and if we will have space for the extra submission.

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    Does your life circumstance allow you the flexibility to do last-minute assignments?

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    In general, would you prefer to be paid by check or trade for advertising?