Ski Quechee’s Spellbinding Winter Scene

Magical. If there was one word to sum up the essence of Ski Quechee, that one might be it. From the moment you arrive, the true magic of the mountain takes over. And it’s not just that feeling of taking your first run of the day, but all of the experiences surrounding one of Vermont’s friendliest ski mountains.

Known for its family-forward and beginner friendly atmosphere, Ski Quechee is open for all to enjoy and is located at nearby Quechee Club in Quechee, Vt., offering all of the familiar amenities of big-name ski resorts, with added convenience, pocket friendly passes and plenty of blue-bird winter days.

Rich Traditions

Anticipation builds on the way to “the Hill”, the local nickname for the south-facing mountain with a 1250-foot summit elevation. As everyone piles out of the car, gear in tow, the Base Lodge greets skiers and riders with smells of brewing coffee and breakfast aromas. The lifts are fired up, and you might hear the sounds of kids laughing and music playing. Two draft horses drawing a traditional sleigh, ferry members, guests, and visitors from the Base Lodge to the bottom of the Hill. The stage is set for all the winter fun to ensue.

Beyond the usual activity of the Hill, memories are ignited with special planned events, like the annual Torchlight Parade, a spectacle that imparts joy and wonder on everyone who gathers there.

Each February, kicking off school vacation week, buses transport skiers and riders to the top of Ski Quechee, where they warm up fireside before the main event takes place: the parade of lights down the Hill. As onlookers watch from below, a sea of sparkles lights up the mountain as participants journey down to the base, torchlights in hand. Once the parade wraps up, sparks fly in the sky with a fireworks show for all to enjoy.

Torchlight Parade fireworks onlookers

Easy Extras

With free and painless parking, plenty of entertainment options, and a friendly team ready to welcome and assist, Ski Quechee is the perfect place to spend a winter day outside in the fresh, crisp air. Small but mighty, the Hill is equipped with all the extras to complete your day. The Quechee Ski & Sports School offers lessons for all skills and ages. Beginner trails and t-bar and pony lifts make for a comfortable environment to learn technique and practice slope skills. Available when the mountain is open, private, semi-private, and group lessons are offered for skiing, snowboarding, and even cross-country. The seasoned crew that runs the School spreads the spirit of learning with fun and safety as top priorities.

With advanced reservation, junior and adult rentals are available at the Base Lodge, too.

Other winter activities, like sledding and sometimes ice skating, add slopeside smiles to the day, and uphill travel enthusiasts can access the designated uphill route with a day pass or season pass.

Classic Comforts

Pizza Shed

Of course, you don’t need to ski or snowboard to enjoy the many delights surrounding the mountain. If there’s one thing that brings everyone together, it’s the wide selection of culinary experiences to be savored around a table, fireside, or on-the-go.

Quechee Club’s Pizza Shed is perhaps the most treasured stop throughout the day. This mobile, wood-fired oven on wheels keeps everyone fueled up and fired up for all their winter adventures. The Pizza Shed serves grab-n-go selections and fresh pizza pies bubbling with cheese and favorite toppings.

For those looking to kick back after a day on the slopes, Saturday’s Après-ski is a must. And as a bonus, there are two events to choose from, depending on your atmosphere preference. Member families are invited to the Clubhouse Main Dining Room to enjoy a casual, buffet-style dinner before winding down with a movie on the big screen, while adults settle into Dewey’s cozy lounge and dining room to enjoy classic pub fare and spirits from the bar while live music fills the air.

The True Magic

In the end, Ski Quechee is a testament to the power of community in transforming a winter destination into a haven of shared memories and lasting connections. Really, it’s the people who make each moment magical, turning a typical day on the slopes into an unforgettable experience. As the snow settles and the fireside warmth lingers, it’s the sense of togetherness – for members, locals, and visitors traveling from neighboring states and beyond – that truly makes Ski Quechee a mountain of memories.