Then and Now

Quechee Garden Club was founded in 1988 by four local women. The purpose was written as follows and remains the same today:

To share and encourage
the joy of gardening
To sponsor civic, educational
and beautification projects
To further encourage the conservation
of natural resources and wildlife

The club now boasts a number of 120 members.

Monthly meetings are typically held on the first Thursday of each month at 1pm in the main dining room of the Quechee Club. There are a wide variety of speakers on topics from floral design and perennial gardens to ecology and conservation. We also host hands-on workshops, field trips, and other special events throughout the year. It is a very active club. Annual dues are just $45.00 per year.

Once upon a time, we met at Murphy Farm where tea was served by hostesses using our silver tea service and pretty China teacups along with homemade crustless tea sandwiches, cookies, and bars. We now offer coffee, tea, and cookies purchased at the Club. A bit less elegant, but we no longer clean silver service and wash teacups. We have been able to host our holiday party in a separate location where our Executive Committee hosts a fabulous party with all kinds of great foods and desserts.

In the beginning, you needed two people to “sponsor” you. That meant you needed two letters of recommendation. You also needed to choose what project you would be willing to work on. You no
longer need letters of recommendation or to choose your project, although each member is encouraged to share their talents wherever they can.

Many of the projects remain the same or have been expanded. Quechee Garden Club plants and maintains many gardens around town, including: section street signs, the post office, the library, gazebo planters, Memorial garden, and Waterman triangle. There is also a Certified Wildlife area near the Village Green. We no longer do the embankment across from the covered bridge. That is now being taken care of by The Friend of the Bridge project.

The QGC also beautifies the town each year for the holidays with wreaths around town along with a tree and green roping on the gazebo. Of note, we used to make our own roping but that too has passed, and we now purchase it from a local grower.

Quechee garden club offers a $2000.00 scholarship each year to a student furthering their education in fields of interest related to the goals and purpose of our club. More recently, we have offered grants to local schools along the same line.

For other events, the club participates each year in VT Green Up Day, holds an annual plant sale in May n
the green, sells Mums in the Fall, and sells Evergreen wreaths in the winter to raise funds for these projects and others.

Some things have changed and some remain the same. It is a welcoming group to all and you do not need to have a green thumb to get involved.

What is new in just the last few years is that we have a website where you can view all the events, projects, and get a good sense of the garden club’s mission and activities and an invitation to join. Visit or email

Submitted by Eleanor Shepard, QGC member of 30 plus years